TCG Downlaods

Please note: The downloads provided on this page are only for use by Pixel TCG members. Please don't steal! :)

The files on this page will help you get started trading in the Pixel TCG.

Website Template

You don't have to use this - you can create your own - but here is one to get you started.




Standard Card Templates

Here is the standard card and mastercard template to use in creating card sets. Additional templates can be found here.

You're welcome to create your own, but please remember that they need to be the same size (70x55 pixels).



Create your first main cardset

Using your four letter identifier and the standard card templates found on this page, create 10 cards and a mastercard.

The cards should be lettered eg. ABCD01-ABCD10 and the mastercard should be labelled ABCD Mastercard. Please use the font below for the lettering.


That's it! You're ready!

Send your website address, your chosen letterings and your completed cardset in an email to our TCG Owner, Inger, and she'll get you started.